From the heart: Small talk on big subjects is a series of live stream presentations hosted by our CEO, Veronica Carroll. Each month, Veronica welcomes a special guest for a short coffee-break conversation about a subject important to our community. Each episode is recorded and remains available on demand. Those wanting to explore the subject discussed in more detail, are encouraged to visit the corresponding Ask the Expert blog, posted the day after the live stream airs.

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Foundry - Steve Mathias

Episode 1 - Now on-demand

Mental Health – how Foundry can help our young people

Steve Mathias, Executive Director of Foundry and Veronica Carroll discuss youth mental health challenges during Covid.

  • What should you watch for?
  • Where can your child turn for help?

Accompanying this on-demand episode, you can read our Ask the expert blog post here. 

Episode 2 - May 20, 2021

Bear Essentials – a lifeline for families of children with complex needs

Susan Fox, Executive Director of Outreach Therapy in Port Alberni, joins Veronica Carroll to discuss the Children’s Health Foundation’s Bear Essentials program. The program is designed for families that struggle to afford the associated costs or that have barriers limiting their ability to access health care or equipment for their child. They’ll discuss the impact of the program on Island families, who can apply for the program, and how to create an application.

The session will start at 10:15 on May 20, 2021