Investing in the health of Island kids

For more than 90 years, Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island has collaborated with communities, partner organizations, and donors to have the greatest outcomes for kids, youth, and their families.

Our vision is that all Island kids have access to the health care they need.

By raising money and managing funds, we can transform access to essential services and provide every Island family with the support they need. To learn more, read our reports.

How do we help?

Child and youth mental health

As the number one crisis facing Island kids today, mental health issues—everything from anxiety disorders to ADHD—need our voice and support now more than ever.

Early childhood development

Our focus from the very beginning, we fund programs that provide early intervention services to children with physical disabilities and health challenges.

Rural and remote access

For over 90 years, we’ve fought to bring healthcare services closer to home and reduce barriers to access for children, youth and families living in rural or remote communities.