Welcome to your home away from home in Campbell River

Q̓ʷalayu House is a home where families from the north Island and surrounding islands can stay while their children receive health care in the region, and where pregnant individuals can stay as their due date approaches.

Owned and operated by Children’s Health Foundation, Q̓ʷalayu House is located at 565 2nd Avenue on the North Island Hospital – Campbell River campus, behind Yucalta Lodge. The home has 10 bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining, living, quiet rooms, and playrooms; and a backyard where kids can feel at home.

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Ask about vacancy*

Work with a health care professional or a social worker or call to inquire about a vacancy.


Send us a referral form

Download our referral form and ask your health professional to complete it, including the date and length of your stay.


Call and confirm your stay*

Call us 24 hours before you arrive at Q̓ʷalayu House to confirm your stay.

* We will make every effort to confirm stays as far in advance as possible. However, due to the unexpected nature of health care needs, reservations cannot be guaranteed until 24 hours before check-in.

Call us at 250-914-8949

Call us toll-free: 1-833-751-0874

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Qwalayu House interior Campbell River's home away from home
Qwalayu House interior Campbell River
Qwalayu House interior - Campbell River

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Make a donation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say Q̓ʷalayu House and what does it mean?

Q̓ʷalayu is pronounced kwuh-lie-you and it is a traditional word that Kwakwaka’wakw Elders use when talking about their children and babies as their reason for being.


Listen below to hear Elder Frances pronounce Q̓ʷalayu.

Who can stay at Q̓ʷalayu House?

Q̓ʷalayu House welcomes families from the north Island and surrounding islands to stay while their children (19 years of age or younger) receive health care in the region, and where pregnant individuals can stay as their due date approaches. This could include services at the Campbell River General Hospital, visits to pediatricians, specialists, or other health care providers.

Day use?

Day use of the Q̓ʷalayu House facilities can also be arranged for eligible families who do not require a room overnight. Guests must pre-register with Q̓ʷalayu House and meet eligibility requirements. Walk-ins are not permitted.

How much does it cost?

The room rate for guests at Q̓ʷalayu House is $26.25 per night per family (includes GST), with the remainder of the cost covered by donors. We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes. Q̓ʷalayu House staff will discuss room capacity at the time of booking. If a family is only accessing the house for day use, the family is invited to make a donation in support of Q̓ʷalayu House.

Payment can be made by cash, debit card, or credit card. Families are encouraged to investigate funding options in advance. Payment assistance may be secured in advance through community programs or Children’s Health Foundation. No family will be turned away if they can’t afford to pay. For further information contact qhmanager@islandkidsfirst.com.

When providing referral, please provide all information available regarding third party billing.  If this information (name and contact) is not received before their arrival, the invoice for stay will be provided to House guests upon check-out.

What should I pack?

Families should bring their own clothing and toiletries. Q̓ʷalayu House will provide emergency supplies when necessary and as available. Rooms are fully equipped with beds, linens, and televisions. Q̓ʷalayu House has highchairs as well as playpens to support safe sleep practices.

What facilities are available?

Guest bedrooms

There are 10 guest bedrooms with one accessible room – please let staff know if an accessible suite is required. Most bedrooms have one queen bed and one double bed. There is one larger guest suite that has two additional twin beds. Rooms will be assigned based on need and availability. Each guest bedroom has a private bathroom.

Families are welcome to use the kitchen facilities, including the outdoor BBQ, to cook their own meals. Basic food staples and additional donated food are provided. Families may use the common fridges and freezer and are assigned a set of lockable drawers for their personal food items. An ice machine is available.

There are laundry facilities available at the house for families. Unscented laundry soap is available for family use.

Thanks to Telus, wireless internet is available around the house.

The Rainbow Room is a children’s play area with books, games, and activities.

Outdoor spaces
Families are invited to enjoy the outdoor spaces at Q̓ʷalayu House. At the back of the house there is a patio, winding walkway, gardens, and basketball hoop. There are two decks at the house with spectacular views and comfortable outdoor furniture.

Private multipurpose spaces
There are several bookable rooms integrated into Q̓ʷalayu House. These rooms may be booked for meetings with health care professionals, quiet family gatherings, and/or spiritual practices and ceremonies. Please ask staff about how to access these spaces.

Does Q̓ʷalayu House offer medical assistance?

No medical or counselling services are provided at Q̓ʷalayu House.

Does Q̓ʷalayu House offer child care services?

Child care services are not provided. Children staying at Q̓ʷalayu House must be under the supervision of parents at all times; they cannot be left on the premises without adult supervision.

Can guests have visitors?

Guests may have visitors at Q̓ʷalayu House between the hours of 8am and 8pm, subject to reasonable limitations on numbers. All visitors must sign in when they arrive at the House and respect the privacy and needs of other families.

What are the house rules?

While Q̓ʷalayu House is your home away from home, it is a shared space. Often families are in urgent or stressful situations. We strive to provide a nurturing and supportive environment while respecting that families value their privacy.

Q̓ʷalayu House is a drug-free, alcohol-free, and smoke-free facility. A full orientation to house rules will be provided to families when they arrive. Click here to see a copy of our family handbook.

What if there is no vacancy?

If there is no room available, staff can share a list of hotel contact information with you.

Please make sure you have alternate arrangements in case no room becomes available for you.

How is Q̓ʷalayu House staffed?

Q̓ʷalayu House is staffed 24/7 so there is always someone home to welcome families.

How long can we stay?

Length of stay can vary depending on the needs of the child and family. Guests’ needs will be assessed in consultation with the family and health care providers on a weekly basis.