Investing in community

We are developing our strategy to meet community needs

Our foundation engages donors, system leaders, families, and family-serving organizations in collaborative and transformative work. We encourage investments via a system-level approach, focusing on community and public health.

Our community investment framework, which was renewed in 2019, is based on extensive stakeholder consultation, data shared by Island Health, and informed by research.

To advance our mission, the Foundation identified three Impact Areas on which to focus:

  • Children and youth living with complex needs (0 to 24 years of age)
  • Early childhood development (0 to 6 years of age)
  • Youth mental health (7 to 24 years of age)

To support the diverse needs of each of the Impact Areas, we have identified four funding streams:

  • Direct Family Access
  • Community Engagement
  • Partnership Grants
  • Social Purpose Real Estate

To leverage our work and to ensure our community investments are most effective, the Foundation collaborates with the following partners and levels of government:

Our funding model allows for a more collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our Vancouver Island communities. As we work to develop new relationships and nurture existing partnerships we will not be hosting a general call for proposals. We encourage you to stay connected with us as we embark on a new chapter in serving our Island communities.


Feel free to reach out to our Director of Community Investment: Anita Brassard.