Investing in community programs

We support a number of community-based programs that are dedicated to removing barriers and creating opportunities for children and youth with health challenges.

We award grants to dozens of non-profit organizations across the islands to help them continue the work they do.

We are creating a strategy to meet community needs

We have an engaged and committed community investment team that wants to ensure we have an investment framework that accurately and effectively reflects the needs of our communities islands-wide. 2017 and 2018 have been listening years, and we are gathering information to enable us to refresh and strengthen our framework and investment priorities.

We are currently funding more than 50 organizations, which in turn funds more than 80 initiatives on Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands. Most of these initiatives are on multi-year funding cycles so that they are sustained and thriving while we work out this new framework. Our focuses are within child and youth mental health, early childhood development, and rural and remote access to care. (For a full map of initiatives we fund, please refer to the ‘our impact’ section of our website.)

In fall of 2017, we embarked on a stakeholder engagement initiative where our CEO Veronica Carroll had the privilege to meet with 40 focus groups and hear from more than 200 people. Stakeholders included our community partners, Aboriginal and First Nations community groups, donors, physicians, members of the business community, and social service and health care practitioners. We met them in several locations in and between Victoria and Port Hardy. We had an overwhelming response and understand the health needs of our children, youth, and families are so diverse. We have our work cut out for us. There is so much we can and need to do to support not just those in Greater Victoria, but those all across our islands. Over the course of the next year, our team will be working hard to create a strategy that will allow us to responsibly and effectively answer the needs that we heard from you throughout these sessions.

We encourage you to stay engaged throughout this process. Our community investment team will be out in the community meeting partners and conducting research. During this time we will be looking for you to share your ideas to help inform the future. Feel free to contact our community investment team with questions, and feel free to invite us to community meetings. Your primary contacts are Bronwyn Dunbar (south island) and Anita Brassard (central and north island).