Dedicated to our kids

We believe every child deserves the same opportunities in life, whatever their health challenges.

With a passionate team and an experienced board of directors, we’re dedicated to supporting every Island family, safeguarding the legacy of our beginnings.

Veronica Carroll

Chief Executive Officer

250 940 4950 ext 100

Coralie Stern

Director of Marketing and Communications

250 940 4950 ext 102

Janet Rowe

Director of Finance, Operations, and IT

250 940 4950 ext 104

Jessica Bell

Director of Development

250 940 4950 ext 108

Kathy St. John

Executive Assistant to the CEO

250 940 4950 ext 101

Anita Brassard

Community Investment Manager

250 940 4950 ext 105

Bronwyn Dunbar

Community Investment Manager

250 940 4950 ext 103

Christine Dionne

Development Officer, Donor Services

250 940 4950 ext 110

Jerry Ropchan

Finance Officer

250 940 4950 ext 114

Kelsi Langdon

Development Officer, Community Giving

250 940 4950 ext 106

Lindsay Seginson

Communications Officer

250 940 4950 ext 109

Shayla Baumeler

Community Investment Officer

250 940 4950 ext 111

Sandra Hudson


President, Sandra Hudson Communications Inc.

Bryan Thomson

Vice Chair / Treasurer


Kay Melbye


Lawyer, Brown Henderson Melbye

Bill Snell

Past Chair

Chartered Accountant

Jennifer Balfour


Blair Hagkull


International Director & Managing Director, Jones Lang Lasalle

Cory Herrera


Provincial Public Servant (Retired)

Don Hubbard


President and CEO of Hubbard Consulting Ltd and Chairman of Atlas Engineered Products Ltd. (AEP.V)

Owen Matthews


General Partner, Wesley Clover

Doug McCorquodale


Owner, Pacificus Biological Services

Dr. Norgrove Penny


Orthopaedic Surgeon

Pat Schneider


President, Macro Consulting

Ian Wheatley