Support the areas of greatest need

Join us as champions for the health of every Island family by donating to the area of greatest need.

At Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, we believe the best way to give families access to care is by funding community health programs, facilities, and initiatives in two main areas: Early childhood development and children and youth living with complex needs.

Donate to the area of greatest need

There is already a lot of stress and worry day to day, and some of those stresses and worries will always be there. But to have the financial stress removed and know there is support for the immediate needs – it’s almost like feeling you’ll never be alone.

– Holly, Emily’s mom

Early childhood development

Enabling access to resources, supports, and therapies to ensure children thrive and reach their developmental milestones from prenatal to age six.

Children and youth living with complex needs

Helping families access multiple services, therapies, and specialists to address the complex needs of their children from birth to young adulthood.