Jax’s journey: a year of growth


Last year, we introduced you to Jax, a middle-schooler facing challenges associated with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, and autism spectrum disorder.

Now 13, he lives in Sidney with his devoted parents, Tracey and Chad. Jax continues to light up the lives of those around him with his infectious laughter and resilient spirit.

In the past year, Jax has made major strides in his mobility journey. Our Bear Essentials program provided Jax with a transfer belt and a specialized walker. Thanks to this equipment and the support of his family, Jax has been defying expectations and surpassing milestones.

One of the most significant developments has been Jax’s progress in walking. The family’s new house didn’t have space for a ramp, so they needed to find a solution to the entrance stairs. Tracey had concerns about Jax navigating the stairs. Especially as he’s now a growing teenager, the same height as his mother.

“Imagine trying to lift someone the same size as you made of pure muscle out of a walker,” says Tracey. “How was I going to get up and down these stairs?”

Tracey used the transfer belt to help Jax up and down the stairs, leading to a breakthrough—Jax is now able to navigate stairs at school with determination.

“It’s incredible to see,” Tracey notes. “With the help of his transfer belt, he’s mastering those stairs like a pro. I wish I saw him at school when he was doing it by himself.”

Beyond his physical achievements, Tracey notices a shift in Jax’s understanding. “We’re actually able to communicate more,” she observes. “He seems to be more aware and more engaged in what he’s most focused on.”

As Jax continues to grow, his family remains grateful for the support they’ve received from Bear Essentials and the broader community. It makes all the difference for Jax, ensuring he has the tools and resources he needs to reach his full potential.

Bear Essentials is a family support program that assists with the costs of a child’s health-related equipment and travel. The program is funded entirely by donations.