Highland Pacific Golf supports Jeneece Place families!


On Sunday July 17th, golfers came together to tee off for Jeneece Place at Highland Pacific Golf. Highland Pacific overlooks the majestic Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Thetis Lake Park. The course’s Pacific Nine and Highland Nine sport beautiful views and rolling fairways. The weather could not be better for a sold out tournament with 72 participants. The players set the tone for the day with their amazing camaraderie, great golfing, and generosity towards Jeneece Place. Congratulations to the exceptional staff team who organized a fantastic tournament that celebrated the sport of golf, as well as supported a loved cause.

Last week we welcomed Geoff Sheffield, Superintendent, Rob Cruise, Director of Golf, and Jennifer Eaton, Communications Manager from Highland Pacific to Jeneece Place. They were proud to present Jeneece Place with a cheque for $11,058. It is amazing how much Highland Pacific Golf was able to fundraise at their inaugural tournament. Jeneece Place is run completely on donations from the community. Donations like Highland Pacific Golf’s help Jeneece Place families stay close by and have support while their children are receiving medical care in Victoria.

(L-R) Highland Pacific Golf Superintendent Geoff Sheffield, Director of Golf Rob Cruise, and Communications Manager, Jennifer Eaton. Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island Philanthropy Manager Peter Brimacombe. Jeneece Place Jennifer White, Lance Point, House Coordinator Susan Kerr, and Ian Point

Baby Grace’s Family, who have been staying at Jeneece Place for over two months, were proud to accept Highland Pacific’s Cheque on behalf of Jeneece Place. It is families like theirs that will truly reap the benefits of this generous donation.

It was two months ago that Jennifer, Grace’s Mom, was admitted to Victoria General Hospital because of placenta previa. Due to medical complications her placenta had detached, causing her to tragically lose one of her twins and have to give birth to Grace prematurely at 25 weeks and 5 days. Grace was born weighing only 1lbs 14 oz.

Originally from Nanaimo, Grace’s Family had to find accommodation in Victoria while she received treatment in the NICU. As many know, the summer is a hectic time for hotels in Victoria. Grace’s family spent two weeks moving from expensive hotel to hotel as the rooms sold out each week, having to bus at least 45 minutes back and forth to see their daughter at the hospital, and eating on the go. Almost out of luck, the Aboriginal Liaison at Victoria General Hospital informed the family about Jeneece Place – which quickly become their home away from home.

Since arriving at Jeneece Place Jennifer (Grace’s Mom), Lance (Grace’s Dad), Ian (Grace’s Brother), who are pictured above, and Grace’s sister have enjoyed being steps away from Grace at the hospital and having the ability to be together in a subsidized, comfortable, and supportive home. Lance said that “Staying at this place is a blessing. Without Jeneece Place I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be here with Jennifer and Grace and to have my boy around as well”. Ian and his other sister, have been taking turns staying at Jeneece Place and being home in Nanaimo over the past two months. Lance and the kids have enjoyed being able to make use of the house amenities as well as nearby rec centres with less stress between hospital visits. Jennifer said that one of the greatest parts about staying at Jeneece Place has been “being able to connect with other moms that are going through the same process; a lot of us have preemie babies and it’s nice to be able to talk about what we and our babies are going through, and know we are not alone.”

Grace’s family is hopeful that baby Grace will be able to come home at the end of August. Once she is off her Continuous positi-ve airway pressure (CPAP) machine she can be transferred back to Nanaimo and the family can go home. We are so glad that Jeneece Place has enabled them to stay close to Grace and be together as a family during this difficult time.

All of us at Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island and Jeneece Place send our love and support to Grace and her family. We are so thankful that individuals and organizations like Highland Pacific Golf continue to support families like Grace’s who need a home away from home.