A brighter future for kids like Gracie

Mark and Lisa brought their daughter Gracie home from an orphanage in China when she was 16 months old. She was suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis, and a severe ear infection. She also had one of the most challenging cases of bilateral cleft lip and palate that local specialists had ever seen.

But all Mark and Lisa saw were Gracie’s bright and shining eyes.

They knew Gracie could get the expert medical care she needed at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health. Today, after five intricate surgeries, Gracie is a laughing, smiling, talkative seven-year-old girl. She loves running, swimming, and dancing. And, when she grows up, Gracie wants to be a veterinarian!

Gracie’s future could have been a lot less bright. But thanks to her caring parents, and your generous support of Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, her life has been transformed. Gracie has access to all the specialized medical services she needs, close to home.

In addition to the cleft lip and palate clinic, families can access other rehabilitation services at the Queen Alexandra Centre. Clinics offer help with difficulties in feeding and swallowing, spinal and neuromuscular issues, and visual impairment.

With more surgeries in her future, Gracie still has a long way to go. “Children with bilateral cleft lip and palate sometimes have up to 12 operations by the time they reach the age of 16,” says Dr. Rebecca Morley, who has been treating Gracie.

Mark and Lisa aren’t worried. They know that we’ll be with them, supporting them the entire way.

You’ll be there with us too! And that makes all the difference.

Thank you for your generous support of Island kids and families!

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