Butterfly Ball raises record $88,000 to help children


The Butterfly Ball Victoria and Comox Valley, Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island’s signature fundraising events, raised a record breaking sum of $88,000. The funds will be invested into community programs serving children and youth with disabilities and health challenges and their families, living on Vancouver Island and surrounding region.

The events, held May 7th in Victoria at the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour and June 18th in the Comox Valley at Crowne Isle Resort, were a unique opportunity for dads and daughters, granddads and grand-daughters, uncles and nieces to celebrate their special bond with a Butterfly Waltz, fun dance lessons, a gourmet dinner, games, and sweet treats. Live and silent auctions added to the excitement.

At the heart of the event, and underneath the revelry, was the understanding that all were gathered to rally around families and children. “Butterfly Ball Victoria and Butterfly Ball Comox Valley are excellent examples of philanthropy in action,” said Diane Lloyd, Interim CEO, Children’s Health Foundation Vancouver Island. “Embedded in the festivity is the satisfaction of knowing that everyone who attends is making a difference in the lives of local children. It feels extraordinarily special to raise funds in a multigenerational way – to have fathers teach their daughters about the impact philanthropy.”

Brian Miller was one of the inspirational speakers to take the stage at Butterfly Ball Comox Valley. There was not a dry eye in the house after Brian shared his story of travelling to Victoria General Hospital with his wife (eight months pregnant) from their home in Campbell River for a late term ultrasound to investigate why the baby’s heartbeat grew fainter as the pregnancy progressed, only to be whisked off for an emergency C-section. Brian and his wife stayed at Jennece Place and were granted funds through Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island’s Bear Essentials program to purchase a breast pump, allowing their baby to experience the benefits of breast milk even though she was unable to breast feed due to a cleft palate. From the podium Brian shared details of his family’s touching story and gave his thanks to those who helped make the support he received possible:

“I don’t know if you realize just how much or how far Children’s Health Foundation reaches into each and every community on this island. I had no idea how many times they have helped us either directly or indirectly though other organizations they partner with until I was asked to speak here tonight…No one knows the road that we are called to walk down in life or how long we have to walk it. Thank you, all of you for what you have given so that our family could heal, and love, and laugh and grow. I cannot imagine going through what we have gone through alone and without the support that we have had from this foundation.”

Brian spent his first Father’s Day in the hospital with his new baby girl and this year he was able to celebrate with her at the Butterfly Ball. “Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have as a father for all of you who have helped support Children’s Health foundation. The life of my daughter and our family has forever been changed by your generous giving of time, effort and finances. Because you give our family has thrived and for that I am forever grateful.

The Butterfly Ball is currently in metamorphosis. Watch for news about the transformation taking place for 2017.

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Lenore Kennedy, Interim Communications Manager, Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island


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