Bringing care to the community


At 10 years of age, Samuel’s hearing issue was finally treated. Although Megan Williams, audiologist, had assessed Samuel at his school in 2016, his family wasn’t able to make it to booked appointments in Courtenay.

It wasn’t until Megan saw Samuel and his mother together at the Gold River Health Hub, that she could introduce the idea of hearing aids.

The Gold River Health Hub opened in September 2017 – thanks in part to your generous support of Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. Located right on the local school property, the Hub provides a place for children living in rural and remote communities to meet with a range of care providers. This includes occupational therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and audiologists – like Megan.

Without the Hub, families had to travel to Campbell River or Courtenay for what is often a ten-minute appointment with Megan. That meant missed school or work – and an added financial strain on families. Megan found that many families just weren’t able to make it. Now that she sees children once a month at the Hub, appointments are rarely missed.

Today, Samuel is doing so much better in school. He’s not as frustrated as he used to be – because he can actually hear what people around him are saying!

Thank you for your part in improving remote and rural health care!