A safe place for youth mental health


There’s a youth mental health crisis across Canada.

It’s no different here on Vancouver Island. One in five youth are currently dealing with mental health challenges, and only 20% of them are getting the help they so desperately need.

Youth like Stuart, who hid his feelings of depression and anxiety until he entered Grade 10. Then, the feelings exploded to a point where he had to be hospitalized.

Youth like Zoe, whose mental health struggles in high school led to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety. But not before she reached a crisis situation and was admitted to hospital.

Thankfully, both Zoe and Stuart were able to stay at Ledger House. As the first dedicated mental health centre for youth in Victoria, Ledger has been a safe haven for over 30 years.

Residents continue a regular routine while learning essential tools to help manage their mental illness and cope in day-to-day life. They go to school, eat, sleep and exercise together. And when they leave, they’re better equipped to carry on with their lives.

Today, Stuart is attending Ryerson University in Toronto, while Zoe is in her first year of University.

Zoe says, “I’m living one hundred times better than I better thought I could.”

Thanks for giving youth in mental health crisis somewhere to go – Ledger House and our new Mental Health HUB.