A culture of compassion


In a retirement community nestled in the West Shore, a remarkable woman named Beth resides, embodying a life rich in gratitude and compassion. Her story is one of a deep commitment to children’s health and a legacy of unwavering support for their wellbeing.

Beth’s journey in the realm of children’s health began when she spent her high school summers working at the Mill Bay Solarium, first in the laundry, then the kitchen, and eventually as a nurse aide. Her dedication was unwavering, and she eventually became a nurse, all the while learning the importance of compassionate care for children. “I just loved every minute of my time at the Solarium,” Beth says.

Beth’s heart brimmed with a desire to nurture and care for others, a sentiment that extended into her nursing career and beyond. Her profound belief that “birthing and deathing have always been the most important things to me,” led her to work with children and, later in life, with hospice.

A lifelong dedication

To Beth, children are the most vulnerable in society, and their well-being is a cause she champions with unmatched fervour. “I think babies and children are the most important ones to devote money to,” she says. “If there’s any money to give, it should go to them.”

Her decision to include the Foundation in her estate plans speaks volumes about her lifelong dedication to this cause. Beth’s actions underscore her belief in supporting children’s health and ensuring that future generations receive the care, love, and support they need to thrive.

“You have to help them,” Beth says. “They’re helpless. They don’t have anyone else. They’re alone in the world. Children need help.”

Beth’s heart remains forever connected to those cherished days at the Solarium, a chapter of her life that has shaped her path of gratitude, service, and legacy for countless children in the future.

“We are so grateful for people like Beth,” says CHFVI CEO Veronica Carroll. “She’s carried a culture of compassion her whole life, and knowing her roots makes her legacy that much more special.”

If you would like to create a legacy in support of children’s health, visit our legacy page to learn more.