Kids Care

Kids can help make a difference in the lives of other kids too!

The Kids Care program was created to support children with their fundraising efforts, whether they are doing it themselves or with their class, school, or activity group. We are here to encourage and appreciate their spirit of giving and to show them what a difference they can make in their community.

What will kids receive in return?

In addition to the organizational and communication skills gained, and development of their self-esteem and confidence, children taking part in the Kids Care program will receive a special certificate thanking them for their participation. They will receive a new certificate for each year they participate in the program.

Fundraising ideas


From a spell-a-thon to a walk-a-thon you can turn whatever you like into an ‘a-thon’! Invite friends and family to join in your ‘a-thon’ and/or collect pledges from them for a few weeks leading up to your big event.


This is one of the easiest fundraisers! Commonly known as the ‘toonie party’ inviting friends and family to celebrate your day with you is a great way to fundraise. Ask them to bring a toonie or some other small donation.

Casual day

This works best for kids whose school requires a uniform. Ask your teacher to help you organize a casual day where students who donate money can wear their weekend clothes. It can also work if you wear a specific outfit for an extra-curricular activity. For example, pick a day to wear any colour leotard instead of black for a ballet class, or any colour socks instead of black for a soccer practice. Again, ask your instructor or coach for permission and help to organize this event, and charge kids a loonie to participate!


If you look to your right and look to your left, you’ll likely find someone who could use your help! Dog walking here, babysitting there, raking the leaves a few houses down, pulling weeds at home… it’s often nice to help just because you can, but sometimes, you might want to ask if they would consider giving you a small sum of money to donate to Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island.

Collecting coins

This is another easy way to raise money for Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island — ask friends and family to drop spare change into your collection bowl. Ask your teacher if you can invite classmates to participate and bring their collections to school for drop-off. We’ll even take care of counting the coins for you!

Complete a challenge or dare

Get sponsored to do a challenge or dare that pushes you out of your comfort zone! For example, you could cut your hair, stop using electronics for a day, get a pie in the face, or run, bike, or swim a challenging distance. Make it extra fun and challenge your friends to do the same!

Get creative with sales

With the help and permission of an adult, you can set up a lemonade stand, bake sale, garage sale, car wash, or bottle drive! These can be done outside your home or you can check to see if you can set up in front of a local store or at your school.

Host an event

Host a family BBQ night, dinner party, movie night, or games night! Get your friends together and ask that they bring a small donation for the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. When combined, smaller, individual donations can make a significant impact.

Talking to your kids about philanthropy

Kids often operate from a centre of self, so it is helpful to talk to them about how their actions will affect others. For example, saying “When we raise money for this charity, the money will go to kids who need medicine so they will get healthy” will have greater impact than, “because it’s the right thing to do.”

Do it together and make it fun! Set up creative and simple charitable giving practices for the whole family to participate in. Lead by example and help them see how giving brings people together. Consider matching their birthday party donations or spend an hour finding clothes in both of your closets to donate. Laugh, smile, and enjoy the process. When giving is fun, it can easily become a habit.

For questions, feedback, support, or just to chat, please email our team or call 250-940-4950.