Let’s show our kids they’re not alone

Listening to the youth in our community, we’ve learned that early intervention is the best way to lessen lifelong mental health issues.

With this in mind, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing mental health experts and services under one roof into an integrated mental health hub for kids and families in downtown Victoria.

The Youth Mental Health Hub brings together the vital services of community organizations like Victoria Youth Clinic, NEED2 Suicide Prevention Education & Support and Island Health, providing one-stop access to proactive and skill-building mental health support for youth and their families when a child is in crisis.

It's in the numbers


of mental health and substance issues begin between ages 12 and 24


Island kids need help with a mental health or substance issue right now


​or less have access to the mental health services and support they need

What our Youth are Saying

Children’s Health Foundation helped me get back on my feet. Ledger House was a safe place to be when I wasn’t able to function in my everyday life anymore. I couldn’t picture where I am now, living one hundred times better than I thought I ever could.

Zoë - 17

But now I have a lot of skills to deal with my anxiety—and I’ve given my friends some ideas too. I wish more of them would get counselling though…before things become a crisis. They think we can just help each other out but it comes to a point where you need a professional

Thomas - 17

How you can help

Help us raise $3 million to build this revolutionary new mental health care hub and essential community resource for youth and their families in downtown Victoria.